Our philosophy


K2 has 35 years of expertise in the industrial world. 35 years of creating, innovating and manufacturing technical solutions for the industry. 35 years of observing, filtering, pumping, transferring, storing and regulating all kinds of industrial fluids; not only water, but all kinds of liquids, even those considered hard to manage or dangerous.

One day we found a report about how Dyson challenged such a common technology as the consumer vacuum cleaner, by using new materials, and especially new computing systems.

That sparked the innovation light within K2!

The wafer check valve

In the field of industrial valves, we can find a full range of products available in stainless steel, but very few leverage the advantages of machined plastics which are light and convenient, just in line with the requirements of manufacturers.

At K2 Valve, we no longer use metallic valves, they are hard to handle and create too many pressure losses.

Pressure losses? Yes, we are always counting the number of elbows and the length of the pipes, but we hardly ever consider the pressure losses in the check valves. The disc of the wafer check valve obstructs the flow passage, but to what extent? And, how can we improve that?

With these considerations in mind, we started the development of the wafer check valve with optimized flow.


Research and development

We have completely rethought and redesigned the concept of the non-return valve to propose significant technical improvements on the valve market. At K2 Valve, we have created an excellent product adapted to the new economical, ecological and technical environment, our energy-efficient solution reduces pressure losses providing significant energy savings and reducing your electricity consumption.

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Plastic valves: economical and ecological

The ecological and economical challenges or … is it possible to produce better by consuming less at a lower cost?

Our idea: to manufacture an innovative industrial product that significantly reduces operating energy costs and electricity consumption.

Therefore, we have designed and manufactured a check valve with a larger open area and increased flow. These two characteristics may seem negligible, however they are crucial, since one of the main enemies of fluid circulation is the pressure loss.

A few years ago, replacing traditional light bulbs with LEDs, isolating your home or workshop or reducing the number of trips, were daily actions that nobody thought about, but nowadays seem obvious.

The same is true for pressure losses, why thinking about them as inevitable? Reducing the pressure loss means directly generating energy savings and influencing the power absorbed by the pumping system. And one thing is certain: energy is not free and even the smallest gains can become VERY lucrative.

We do not have the means to calculate the overall and universal gain that this represents for all valves, but you will easily understand by referring to our research page that, when we optimize the flow it will directly be reflected on the power absorbed by your pump. For small flow rates, it can make you smile, but with larger flow rates and continuous operation, the gain quickly turns into euros into your pocket…