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Wafer check valve

K2 has 35 years of expertise in the industrial world. 35 years of creating, innovating and manufacturing technical solutions for the industry. 35 years of observing, filtering, pumping, transferring, storing and regulating all kinds of industrial fluids; not only water, but all kinds of liquids, even those considered hard to manage or dangerous.

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PP clapet-battant-polypropylene

Polypropylene wafer check valve

The polypropylene wafer check valve with optimized fluid passage: the PP eco-valve.

Based on extremely simple specifications, the K2 eco-valve has been completely redesigned in terms of shape, functionality, materials and sealing. Thanks to its specific shape, this non-return valve has:

  • Up to 70% more flow area, compared to a conventional form.
  • A 50% gain in pressure loss (on average).
  • An average saving of 50% on the power absorbed by the pump for the section concerned.

Rethought, redesigned and modernly manufactured, this eco-valve provides environmental and economical advantages to production. It is available in polypropylene, one of the most versatile plastic materials, but also in PVDF for high chemical and mechanical resistance. It can also be manufactured in PVC or in antistatic materials on request.

The standard polypropylene wafer non-return valve

This valve could have remained extremely conventional in its shape and environment, but at K2 Valve, we have redesigned and optimized it on many technical details:

  • The sealing of the disc on its seat.
  • The sealing of the shaft guaranteed over time, regardless of the number of openings and closures.

We have also redesigned the openings to minimize pressure loss.  The swing wafer check valve is available in different materials: standard polypropylene and PVDF for better chemical and mechanical resistance. In addition, we have created a range in PVC and polyethylene (PE) ideal for the food industry.

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Wafer non-return valve in PVDF

The PVDF wafer non-return valve with optimized flow area: the PVDF eco-valve

For mechanically challenging and very demanding chemical applications, we have developed a PVDF non-return valve. But we went further to take full advantage of the mechanical and chemical qualities of this exceptional material, we completely redesigned its shape to obtain:

  • A much more suitable shape that increases flow area by up to 70%.
  • An increased open flow area is obviously reflected in a gain on pressure loss of up to 80%.
  • And of course, the gain in pressure loss leads to energy savings absorbed by the pump.

This non-return valve has been entirely designed and manufactured with the latest technology. It is therefore available in PVDF whose mechanical and chemical qualities can be found on our PVDF plastic materials page. It is also available in polypropylene, which is just as versatile but a little less resistant in terms of temperature and mechanical resistance. Also available on demand in PVC and in a variety of antistatic materials.

The standard PVDF wafer swing check valve

Based on an optimized and simple design, this PVDF wafer valve is essentially distinguished by its material Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), which gives it:

  • Great versatility for chemical applications.
  • Extreme mechanical resistance, close to that of ferrous materials such as stainless steel or steel.

Like its polypropylene counterpart, it has been redesigned in terms of sealing, joint materials, durability and convenience to be easily changed. Of course, this standard shape is also available in a wide range of materials: polypropylene, PVC, polyethylene, and different antistatic materials.

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PVDF clapet-anti-retour-pvdf

PVDF and PP plastic materials

In the field of industrial valves, plastics are being increasingly used and appreciated because of its great versatility. K2 Valve has successfully leveraged this technology in its non-return valves, so that plastic materials contribute to a more economical and responsible industry. Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) is a polymer mainly used in demanding applications that require excellent chemical resistance, high purity and superior mechanical properties.

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Research and development

We have completely rethought and redesigned the concept of the non-return valve to propose significant technical improvements on the valve market. At K2 we have created an excellent product adapted to the new economical, ecological and technical environment, our energy-efficient solution reduces pressure losses providing significant energy savings.

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Fields of application

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