Eau de mer et désalinisation

1) Seawater / Salt water

The non-return valve is commonly used in very high-demanding environments, particularly in seawater. Seawater can have different compositions depending on the location, but in all cases, salinity is the main character to consider when a product is designed to work in a marine environment.

The salinity of seawater averages 35g/l, but can vary from 10g/l to more than 300g/l in extreme cases. Chlorine, sodium, and sulfate are also some of the important components to be considered when implementing a pumping or filtration system.

To guarantee a long service life when used in salt water, the properties of the non-return valve must be optimal.

The polypropylene wafer check valve has all the characteristics to adapt to this marine environment. In terms of cost, it is probably one of the cheapest materials with such a long lifespan in high salinity conditions. Due to its hydrophobic properties, it is also a first choice technical polymer in this field.

For even more demanding applications or increased durability, we have developed the PVDF non-return valve for seawater. PVDF is one of the most durable technical polymers, resistant to corrosive chemicals and fire, and most importantly, it has a significantly higher UV resistance compared to polypropylene.